Practical Innovation

  • Lincolnshire Longhorn Hoe
  • Self Propelled Row Crop Hoe
  • Weight Mate for Tractors
  • Reclaim Building Materials
  • Air Dried Fuel Wood

Innovative Prime Movers & Co

"Secret of success - doing what others, can't, won't or daren't"
-W.E.Tonge (Dad)

Air Dried Fuel Wood

Black Popular from wind breaks on the fens. Sized logs to fit through doors of Aga and Rayburn.

Tractor Weight Mate

Three in one tractor weight carrier. Doubles as mobile toolbox and work bench. Heavy gauge steel.

Reclaim Materials

Reclaimed building materials & architectural salvage is constantly changing and being updated.

Self Propelled Hoe

Home made self propelled Row Crop Hoe Tool Carrier. If you would like to know more about this Machine...