Three in One Tractor Weight Carrier

May we introduce a versatile attachment that fits all tractors front and rear to counter balance whatever is on the other end of the tractor.

This came about because of the following reasons:-

Normal front end weights for a tractor are very expensive, £700 – £800 a set and have only one use. They are not universal between makes of tractors.

We wanted something that would use old discarded weights particularly the old four stone potato weights which are always kicking about farmyards, but we also needed a vice incorporated in the weight box for mending breakdowns in the middle of fields.

This maybe isn’t so important in the UK where we have farm workshops and plenty of agricultural engineers.

However, in large parts of Canada, USA and Australia many miles away from civilisation it is vital that you have a vice to hold the part that needs bending, straightening, chiselling, hammering or sawing the part.

The vice is long and thin, partly so it can hold the cutter bar of a combined or mower. It is one of those devices that once it is fitted to a tractor you wonder how you ever managed without it.

As it is in itself a heavy piece of material to ship and takes up a lot of room and so we are paying for shipping air so we are actively seeking manufacturers abroad to license to manufacture and to market this attachment.

Full details of which are as follows:-

  • 125Kg Tractor Weight Carrier designed to accommodate variety of tractor weights or homemade ballasts up to 500Kgs
  • Doubles as mobile toolbox and workbench incorporating full width vice for emergency repairs in the field
  • Will fit all makes of tractor, eight front mounted on a special bracket, or rear mounted on three point linkage having its own clevis hitch for attachment of trailed implements
  • Heavy gauge steel with paint finish

Price from £390 + VAT