Reclaim recycled resources

Bricks:-  We have a constant changing range of reclaimed bricks, depending on what we are taking down.

Size:-  2 inch bricks – very rare.  Most of the buildings with 2” bricks are now listed buildings as most of them are from the Tudor era.

Sizes 2 ¼”, 2 ½”, 2 5/8” & 2 ¾” (although not many buildings built of this size in Lincolnshire.  2 7/8” which are handmade and most common brick for farmyard buildings, barns and old farmhouses.  3 inch wire cut and clamp bricks – more demand for these in the last few years.  Very strong, trouble free bricks which are bomb proof.

Yellow/buff bricks – very rare and expensive.  Only 2 ½% of bricks in the UK are this colour and most of these seem to be in Lincoln and Cambridgeshire.  Found in Langworth, Ewerby, Farsthorpe, Timberland and Kirkby on Bain.  In old brickyards where the yellow clay reached the surface, 2 ¾”, 2 7/8” are the most common sizes.


York Flags:-  Not all that common in Lincolnshire although we have a full order book so you need to order at least 6 weeks in advance.

Roman Stone

Old Lincoln was built of this yellow mellow colour stone.  Two thousand years old this makes lovely old houses but needs a very skilled stone mason to do it properly.

Lincolnshire Limestone

Variable amounts and quality available.


Lincolnshire was the great eastern railway area and as the company had the contract for Baltic timber it made sure that the houses, factories, railway stations, churches, chapels & village halls etc were built in Baltic pine.  This is a very strong pine, not many knots and off white in colour when new, going to a faded yellow with age.  Available in sizes 5”, 6”, 7”, 8” & 9”.


Baltic pine £7.00 per cube in sizes 6” x 6”, “7 x 7” and 10 x 10”.  (A cube = 12” x 12” x 12”).

Oak Beams

These are from old barns which are full of character twisted or straight in 10 – 15 foot lengths.  £15 per cube.  (A cube = 12” x 12” x 12”).


An ever changing supply.  Handmade tiles, the Lincolnshire pantile has a deeper pan, Norfolk has a shallower pan.  Various grades.

Machine made Pantiles

The best for exposed conditions.  Easier for your roofer to lay and a tighter fit for the prevailing wind side.  The pantile was a dutch invention and is still the very best roofing material for buildings holding livestock.  It allows the building to breathe and provides ventilation without drafts.

Quarry Tile

Red terracotta, black Staffordshire blue, buff Cambridge.  Ideal for underfloor heating.  Available in sizes 6”, 7 ½” & 9”.  The larger ones that are 2” thick are ideal for fireplace hearths where wood stoves are fitted as they will withstand the heat without cracking.

Stable Bricks

Available in sizes 9” x 4” and 10” x 5”.  Various designs.  Flat, diamond paviour, Cadbury chocolate shaped.  Bomb proof and very heavy.  Can drive a tank over them and they won’t break!  Made from Staffordshire blue clay.  Normal bricks would not stand up to the big shire horses stamping their feet with their iron horse shoes on or the acid in their urine.  This is why these bricks were invented.


A shed full of doors available.  Brace and ledge, panelled & art deco doors.  Contact us with your measurements in feet and inches.  Most of these doors have several coats of paint.