The Lincolnshire Poacher as remembered by the good people of Lincolnshire

This book which is being produced electronically contains information which has never been published before including all the Lincolnshire Poachers caught and imprisoned at Lincoln and then transported to Virginia USA, Australia and Gibraltar.

Were your ancestors amongst them? This is the only complete list that is in existence. We still need more tales, pictures and artefacts to include. Please email on

Fodder From The Fen

Tall tales and ripping yarns, wit and wisdom from a “yellow bellied”, “webbed footed” Linconshire lad.

The Wellestream (The Wash) Legacy

A historical account of all the important events, happenings, conflicts and disasters happening in a triangle from Boston, Kings Lynn to Wisbech.  This area known as the South Lincs Treasure Triangle there was lost in 1216, 219 wagons from the baggage train of King John including 800 horses and oxon and 2300 people.

King John was not the only monarch to lose his treasure and baggage train in The Wash.  King Edward IV had the same occurrence in 1366, not only losing his treasure but his army also as he was defeated by The Great Earl of Warwick assisted by the rising tide.

King Edmund I or II or St Edmund (historians disagree as to which) lost his treasure and baggage train in the Wellestream nearer to Wisbech in the 10th Century.

Other known lost artefacts from this area are known as the “Lincolnshire Lost Treasure Triangle” by the natives, who were based at the lost Roman Forts of Lincolnshire at Northborough, Braceborough, Billingborough, Garrick, Walcott, Lynwood and Washingborough.